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RHINELANDER – Nicolet College nursing students can complete their degrees more quickly thanks to a federal grant.

The college in Rhinelander just got a $460,000 grant from the US Department of Labor.

The school will use the grant to create competency exams.

The new exams will allow students to enroll in the nursing program sooner.

“This grant will allow us to provide students with that credit from what they’ve learned in the past so they don’t have to re-learn things or receive training on something they’ve already done,” explained said Nicolet College Interim President Dr. Kenneth Urban.

The college will also develop a general education certificate.

That will allow nursing students to complete more credits at Nicolet for a UW Bachelor of Science Nursing degree.

“Students will essentially be able to complete the first three years of their Bachelor of Science Nursing degree here at Nicolet. The last year, the last 30 credits, are really taken online so that means a student can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while staying in the Northwoods,” Urban added.

The college will also hire a nursing success coach.

“That success coach’s role is to work with students to help them be successful, communicate what employers want to know and want our students to know, and help our students understand the reality of the workplace, and also to help them transition from whatever they were doing before to an academic nursing program,” Urban said.

Right now, 65 students are enrolled in the nursing program.

About 100 students are taking prerequisite classes needed to enroll in the program.

The grant is part of $20 million the US Department of Labor gave to the Wisconsin Technical College system.


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